vrijdag 2 oktober 2020

Working on Outlook integration for Project Hours

The redesigned apps for iPhone and Android are live in the stores now, time for the next improvement.. A customer asked for Outlook integration! Great idea, this will allow users to enter time directly from the calendar, for instance to register meeting time. Improved productivity and an opportunity to advertise Project Hours in the Outlook Add-in store :-)

So I am investigating what is needed to create a Project Hours Outlook add-in. Outlook web add-in, security, a design for the plugin. The plugin will allow for selecting a project and activity in Project Hours and storing this together with the meeting duration and date. And there will be a button to jump to the full project hours web site for more advanced things like updating time entries or checking time entries for that week.

I have a simple add-in up and running, I have a security design in mind, check  Privacy and security for Office Add-ins for some considerations,  now it is a matter of building all this. To be continued..