zondag 22 januari 2017

Timer feature available for beta testing

I published the new timer feature to the Project Hours Test Site for beta testing (use the Demo login to try it out.)
The timer runs on the server, the timer web page has buttons to start, pause, resume, cancel and stop and save time. If all goes wel the feature will be available on Project Hours by the end of next week. I am working on some localization issues as you can see in the screen shot below.

zondag 8 januari 2017

Building a timer feature for Project Hours

I am back from a relaxing skiing holiday in France, time to continue improving Project Hours! On request I am adding a timer feature. Users will be able to start and stop a timer to track time spent on projects and activities. The timer will run on the server, no need to keep the Project Hours program or web site open while the timer runs. The timer feature will be  available on the web site  first, mobile apps will follow.To be continued.. Bert-Jan