vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

Added Demo Login to Mobile Apps

I updated the  mobile apps for  Android and  Windows 10 with a link to login with a demo account. Now everybody can try out the apps!  ProjectHours Demo Video:


I also signed up for the Apple Developer Program. As soon as enrollment is completed I will be able to publish the iPhone app for ProjectHours!


woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Project Hours Windows 10 app published!

Today the Project Hours Windows 10 app went live.. Available on PC and Win 10 mobile, this Universal Windows Platform app allows for easy time tracking with the Project Hours system. iPhone app is next..

zondag 16 oktober 2016

ProjectHours Android App published!

Today I published the ProjectHours Android App to the Android Play store! I developed the app in Visual Studio using the Xamarin cross-platform dev environment. This environment allows for developing one code base in C# that can be published to Android phones, Iphones and Windows laptops, pc's and phones. This works especially good for relatively simple productivity apps such as the projecthours app. If it gets more complicated it is more difficult to write  code that works on all platforms, because each platform has its own specifics (specific UI elements for instance).
To find out more about Project Hours time registration, visit our web site: https://projecthours.net