zondag 26 juli 2020

Completed new UI and signup feature for mobile apps

I did a lot of work on the new UI and features for the Project Hours mobile apps.
- New UI designed
- Pages added to signup for a trial period.
- Pages added to invite other users to sign up.
I am now working on a page to manage projects and activities in the mobile apps. Currently these can only be edited on the web site. 
Once I have finished the development work, I will create extensive app store pages for Google Play and the Apple Store. Together with the new features, the Project Hours app will be much better visible and hopefully this will attract many new users!
First screen for new users. There is a image carousel with 7 images and feature list.
First screen of signup wizard. Maybe I should improve the layout of the welcome message.
Once an organisation has signed up, it is easy to setup teams by inviting new members.