zondag 20 november 2016

New Trial Period Registration Page added to Project Hours

Today the new registration page for Project Hours went live. On this page you can sign-up for a two-month trial for your organisation or just for yourself.

Previously new users had to send a request via email and I would create an account to start with. This is now automated with the new form:

It was fun to build, notice the Google reCaptcha checkbox that makes sure the page will not be abused by automated scripts.


vrijdag 4 november 2016

ProjectHours iPhone app available!

From today the Project Hours Time Registration iPhone app is available for download! I tried it out on an iPhone 5, the only thing I don't like is splash screen that is displayed when the app starts up, something to fix in the next update.  Also, iOS 10.1 is required.. Users can update their phones, I wonder how many users already have iOS 10.1 installed..

Next is to update the ProjectHours website with links to the new mobile phone apps..