zondag 9 december 2018

Moved to Let's Encrypt certificates

Panic. Google Chrome gave certificate errors on https:projecthours.net Turns out Chrome is not accepting certain ssl certificates any longer. See: https://knowledge.digicert.com/alerts/ALERT2562.html

So I updated the Project Hours web site  to use a free Let's Encrypt certificate. Turns out it was quite easy to configure on Azure following this tutorial: https://www.tecklyfe.com/how-to-setup-lets-encrypt-ssl-certificates-for-an-azure-web-app/. And it there is an automated proces to renew the certificate every 90 days, which is great.

zondag 26 augustus 2018

Started on a new project: StudentSign

Last year, my son spent a year abroad on a highschool in Canada. We had to sign many documents that were emailed to us, especially because he was 16 at the time he went to Canada, so his parents' consent was needed often, for instance for a weekend trip around Canada, or a school canoeing trip.

Signing documents was a tedious process: print the document, sign on paper, scan the signed document and send an email back. It must be very time-consuming for student exchange organisations in this way, having to deal with all the emails with documents from students, parents and schools. It occured to me that there must be an easier way: digital signatures on documents stored in the cloud!

After a little bit of investigation I decided to build a platform on top of an existing digital signature platform. In this way, it is easier to get started and I can focus on the use case for signing documents for exchange students instead of reinventing the wheel by developing a new digital signature platform.

Current state of the project is that a sandbox experimental environment exists and that I am going to conduct interviews with organisations to validate the idea and find out if organisations really need this solution.  We can use the sandbox to experiment with documents, work flow and signatures.

A landing page with an overview of the project has been created:  https://studentsign.net

dinsdag 13 maart 2018

Added project costs tracking

On request of a client I added project costs tracking to https://projecthours.net. Administrators can add hourly rates to users. In reports, totals costs per project or activity are displayed, based on hourly rates.  I hope that with this new and easy-to-use feature, Project Hours will be useful to even more companies..

zondag 4 februari 2018

Marketing is important, created improved landing pages

Project Hours has been online for a few years and we have a group of loyal costumers. To attract more customers I realized we must improve our presence on the web. So I created landing pages with an attractive design, a Dutch version and an English version. The Project Hours Google ads will link to the new pages from now on.

Next is to work on a request from a customer: add hourly rates to users so users can calculate project costs. That's it for now, Bert-Jan.